And Bob’s Burgers sure likes its FOX. A pickup before Season 4 even aired is a real vote of confidence.


The fabulous heartshapedboxofpinsandwires asked:

Malfoy: feared vs loved: Loved. It’s so much more sincere. Like on a large scale, when people love their leaders everything works better. And on a small scale, when people love me, that is the greatest feeling. I’d feel like a monster (in the bad way, not the fun Monster High way) if people were scared of me :(

Hagrid: favorite mystical creature: Mermaids. I wish I had some fancy answer about some mythology that never gets discussed, but nope. I like humanoid mythical creatures the best - sometimes I think I may be some sort of fairy pixie creature, tbh. But then again maybe I’m just short and like glitter.

McGonagall: My favorite spell: I think the food-related spells. I know in Harry Potter-verse you can’t make food out of nothing, but you CAN improve food like Molly Weasley does, and I would LOVE to be able to do that. 



kiwi is introduced to the ponies and quickly inspects rarity’s horn

she then moves on to sweetie belle

and swiftly incapacitates her

it is then she finds her true love, fluttershy

mwah mwah

she checks out applejack and rarity a bit

but then returns to her love, fluttershy

kiwi loves ponies

Police in Granite City, Illinois, have arrested a man suspected of stealing thousands of dollars worth of Superman memorabilia from a mentally disabled collector in St. Louis. Better still, they were able to recover the collection and return it to the owner, a very grateful Mike Meyer…

The theft quickly drew worldwide attention, with fellow fans from as far away as Australia and the United Kingdom rallying to replace Meyer’s collection. According to the Post-Dispatch, officials in Cleveland offered to pay for Meyer to tour the house where a young Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the Man of Steel, while the Metropolis, Illinois, Chamber of Commerce has its own plan in the works.

Meyer, who now has close to double what had been stolen — with more promised or already en route — plans to give those donations to charity, likely a children’s hospital.

“People were generous to me,” Meyer, who lives with his dogs Krypto and Dyno, told the newspaper. “This is how I can be generous in return.”